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OXBRIDGE COLLEGES (Oxford and Cambridge Universities)

Oxford and Cambridge are each made up of individual colleges – more than 40 at Oxford, and 30 or so at Cambridge. Most colleges are small - anywhere between 300-500 students including both undergraduate and graduate students and only a handful are able to accommodate visiting students. Competition for the few available spots is high and applications must be submitted well in advance of the application deadlines. For this reason, the Committee on Leaves and Privileges at Vassar will not permit students with a GPA of less than 3.7 (except where noted) to apply to the Oxbridge Colleges. For a more complete explanation of the tutorial system see the following link:



A number of universities in the UK are on a trimester system and therefore it is only possible to study for the full year or the two spring terms. Please be aware of this when you are selecting your term for study abroad.


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