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How Can I Fund My Study Abroad?

Vassar believes that education abroad is a valuable academic experience that should be accessible to all students. Financial Aid, including Vassar scholarships, may generally be applied to study abroad program costs. It is still important to consider, though, that many study abroad programs involve expenses in addition to the regular expenses associated with attending the home institution such as personal spending and travel. The cost of food and daily living expenses may vary significantly when comparing education abroad programs. Therefore, it is important to consult with the Office of International Programs (OIP) and Student Financial Services as you are planning to fund your education abroad experience. In addition to accessing financial aid including Vassar scholarships, you may be eligible for a number of study abroad scholarship opportunities such as the Gilman Scholarship or the Fund for Education Abroad scholarships. The OIP, in partnership with the Fellowships office, is eager to support you in such applications.

Home tuition policy: When studying abroad, all students pay Vassar tuition in order to receive Vassar credit. Vassar considers charges for expenses that are required as part of the academic program (i.e. cultural events or field work that the program considers necessary to the academic program) as part of tuition. Program tuition is billed to Vassar, not to the student. Students are responsible for room and board fees and any other unique program charges. All fees to both Vassar and the program must be paid in full in order for the transfer credit to be applied to a student’s Vassar transcript. Some programs require students to pay application fees and non-refundable advance deposits directly to the program. Vassar credits students with the amount of any advance tuition deposit when the program does not on their Vassar account.

Using financial aid on study abroad: students who are using any form of financial aid are required to submit an online budget worksheet to the Financial Aid Office in the semester prior to their departure. Each semester, Student Financial Services hosts Financial Aid Budget workshops for those students who will be away the following semester. These budgets are used to determine the total cost of attendance for your program and must be accompanied by appropriate documentation, i.e., airfare, program costs, etc.Select from the following for more information: