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Financial Aid

Students with demonstrated financial need, as determined by the College, will be awarded aid in the following sequence: Federal or Vassar student loan(s), Federal/state grants if eligible and if transportable, outside scholarships/tuition benefits, and lastly a Vassar scholarship subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Vassar scholarship for study away cannot exceed the amount you would receive if you remained at Vassar for the term or for the academic year.
  2. Work study funds are not transferable to your program of study. Vassar College does not make up for the loss of work study earnings, therefore, there will be an unmet need unless you have remaining student loan eligibility to help cover this lost resource.
  3. If the total cost of the program is less than the cost for Vassar, the first aid to be reduced is Vassar scholarship. If the cost of the program is more than the cost to remain at Vassar, there will be an additional unmet need which must be covered with outside resources.
  4. If your program precludes your holding a summer job, it is your responsibility to make up for the loss of this resource.
  5. Students receiving Vassar loans are not eligible to receive an amount more than would have been received if remained at the college for the term or full academic year.
  6. If you are a New York State resident and eligible for either TAP and/or New York Merit awards, these funds will travel for any Vassar-based program, as listed above or if the student is attending a New York State based program. TAP and New York Merit awards do not travel for students attending non-Vassar based programs or colleges not within New York State.
  7. Students who will be away for the Fall term only will have their spring award based upon a dormitory budget since Residential Life cannot guarantee housing preferences until mid-Fall for returning students. Should accommodations for the spring term change to a Townhouse/Terrace Apartment , Ferry House or off campus apartment, the student's budget and award will be adjusted for the spring term to reflect this change. Please refer to Housing Adjustment Monograph.