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Expense Budget

All students receiving financial aid will be emailed a link to the Worksheet for Financing Study Abroad from the Office of Financial Aid around the middle of the semester prior to study abroad. This worksheet determines the financial aid expense budget of your program.

The expense budget will include the following costs:

  • Direct tuition and fees charged to the student by Vassar.
  • Expense for room and board for the JYA program not to exceed the cost of room and board at Vassar for the term or terms of study away.
  • Round trip transportation by the most economical means if not included in the tuition or program fee. 
  • Additional travel allowance from home to departure site if place of departure is not in the student's home state.
  • A standard allowance for books and personal expenses to include cost of VISA if needed, not to exceed standard allowance for books and personal expenses if the student had remained at Vassar for the term or academic year.
  • An allowance towards Vassar’s health insurance plan if the student has elected to purchase the plan. (Most overseas programs require health insurance coverage).
  • The cost of student health insurance up to the cost of the Vassar health insurance plan (students are encouraged to participate in the Vassar health insurance plan).

The following expenses will not be included in the expense budget:

  • Optional in-country travel before or after the academic period or during breaks.
  • Housing and food costs if the student arrives before the program begins or remains after the program ends.
  • Housing and food costs in excess of Vassar's allocation for room and board.
  • The cost of obtaining immunizations, a passport or other special documents such as an International Student Identity Card.
  • Special or additional clothing.
  • Cost for books, materials and VISA expense in excess of the standard allowance.
  • Expenses for gifts, phone calls, laundry, etc. in excess of the standard allowance provided as part of books, personal and VISA expense allowance.