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Financial Procedures

Procedures for All Students

When studying abroad, students pay Vassar tuition and receive Vassar credit. Vassar considers charges for expenses that are required as part of the academic program (i.e. cultural events or field work that the program considers necessary to the academic program) as part of tuition. Program tuition is billed to Vassar, not to the student. Students are responsible for room and board fees and any other unique program charges. All fees must be paid in full in order for the JYA transfer credit to be applied to a student’s Vassar transcript.

Please note that living and personal expenses in London and other cities in Europe could be considerably more than those associated with living on the Vassar campus.

Students are required to pay any program application fees and non-refundable advance deposits directly to the program. Vassar credits students with the amount of any advance program/tuition deposit when the program does not. In most cases, programs will apply the program/tuition deposit towards the student’s room and board bill. In order for an accurate bill to be sent by our Student Accounts Office, students must inform the JYA Office by June 1st for fall study and December 1st for spring study which programs they will be attending.

Procedures for Financial Aid Students

Financial Aid, including Vassar scholarships may be applied to study abroad programs. Students who receive any financial aid, including loans must submit a budget worksheet to the  Financial Aid Office. These budgets must be accompanied with appropriate documentation, i.e., airfare, program costs, etc. For more information, pick up a copy of Financial Aid For Exchange/JYA Programs Policy Statement from the Financial Aid Office.

Every semester, the Financial Aid Office, the Student Accounts Office, and the Office of International Programs host a meeting for students on financial aid who will be away the following semester. At this meeting, methods of payment and instructions on how to complete the online financial aid budget sheets, among other things, are explained. If budgets are submitted late, programs may not be paid, and students may thus jeopardize their study abroad experiences.