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Choosing a Program

No foreign study program can be a guaranteed perfect choice; students should be prepared to experience all aspects of living and studying abroad. Although the personal gains are also important, one's plans must revolve around academic studies.

Interested students should attend the Study Abroad General Information Session held early each fall semester, where Susan Correll, Director of the Office of International Programs, discusses all general aspects of studying away during the subsequent academic year. More detailed sessions on international study take place throughout the semester and are announced on the Office of International Programs bulletin board outside of Main N-173.

Ordinarily, the Committee on Leaves and Privileges will not consider requests for sequential a/b semester leaves in two countries. Thus, application for full-year study abroad should address plans for only one country. If a student and his/her advisor feel that specific academic needs require study in two countries, the student must submit a detailed rationale for such a plan with the study abroad application.

Students can find information on various programs, along with some catalogues from foreign universities and evaluations from Vassar students, in the resource room of the Office of International Programs, located in Main-North 173. The Vassar library contains a wealth of information on the politics, geography, economies, religions, arts, and cultures of countries around the world; the student should look into these elements prior to visiting the Office of International Programs, as this knowledge will help greatly in deciding which program is the right one.

The information available in the Study Abroad resource room relates mainly to the academic side of study abroad, and should be supplemented with research about the culture and country under consideration. Students should keep in mind that the Committee on Leaves and Privileges expects study abroad to be primarily directed to academic and intellectual growth.