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Program Location

In considering programs, one should think about the advantages and disadvantages of a program's location. Large cities offer excellent cultural opportunities, but may also be expensive and impersonal. A small town in a farming region may offer more contact with local residents and the experience of a way of life found only in that particular country, but the provincial lifestyle may prove disorienting to some students.

While fewer than ten percent of U.S. students go abroad to Asian, African, or Latin American countries, an increasing number of Vassar study abroad participants elect to study in developing nations. Opportunities to study in developing countries are extensive, and Vassar approves programs around the globe, subject to US State Department guidelines and recommendations. If studying in one of these countries seems appropriate for you, check the Study Abroad resource room and/or speak with a faculty member who specializes in these areas. It is also important to discuss your study abroad plans with your parents/guardians.