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Area Studies Coursework

Students must demonstrate to the Committee on Leaves and Privileges that their overall academic program is better served by study abroad than by continued study on campus. The Committee expects applicants for study abroad to have acquired sufficient area studies coursework to support their academic proposals, as well as to enable them to take full advantage of the academic opportunities offered by foreign study programs. Thus, the Committee expects that students will have completed at least one or, depending upon the student's purpose, even several courses directly relevant to the proposed study abroad program as detailed in the statement of purpose. Beside language requirements — which, depending on the student's academic goals, may serve as area studies coursework for students who must take at least two years—students should expect to take at least one area studies course at the intermediate level. The area studies requirement is particularly important to study abroad in non-Western and developing nations. Students looking to study in Africa, Latin America or Asia would be well advised to read the course offerings in the college catalogue in detail. They should also be aware that many courses essential to study outside of Western Europe may be offered only in alternate years, and thus should plan accordingly.