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Terms of Study

The college has no official preference for fall, spring or full-year academic leaves. However, some universities overseas are on a trimester system that usually consists of three 8-10 week terms. In such a case, Vassar students must opt to study either for the full academic year or for the two terms in the spring in order to receive credit.  Once your study abroad term has been approved it cannot be changed without approval from the Committee on Leaves and Privileges. To petition CLP, you must complete the Petition to Change Term of Study Abroad form.

Ordinarily, the Committee on Leaves and Privileges will not consider requests for sequential a/b semester leaves in two countries. Thus, application for full-year study abroad should address plans for only one country. If a student and his/her advisor feel that specific academic needs require study in two countries, the student must submit a detailed rationale for such a plan with the study abroad application.