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Proposed Coursework

The kinds of courses available at the various programs under consideration must be carefully researched and detailed, so that students and advisers can plan how the semester or year spent abroad will harmonize with and advance the student's work on campus. Listing the proposed coursework to be taken abroad as accurately as possible (given the obvious difficulty of such projection many months in advance) provides a foundation for the Statement of Purpose and allows the members of the Committee on Leaves and Privileges to assess how the student's plans comprise a coherent academic program. Students should address in the essay the ways in which they believe that the courses taken abroad will provide necessary background for further work on campus.

While CLP and the Office of International Programs recognize that it is often difficult to adhere to a list of courses compiled far in advance of actually enrolling in a study abroad program, they expect students to conform to the spirit of the plans set forth in the application, and where possible or practical, to the letter. If substantive changes in coursework are called for, these must be made in consultation with the major adviser, with details provided in writing to the Office of International Programs.