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Faculty and Language Recommendations

A few points should be taken into consideration when asking your faculty for a recommendation. The additional language recommendation is only needed in the case that you wish to study in a country where the classes are taught in a foreign language.

  1. The end of the semester is just as hectic for faculty members as it is for you. Therefore, please make sure that you have handed out your recommendation forms well in advance of the deadline, and preferably by early November.
  2. Since many advisers are unable to devote several lengthy sessions to each student's study abroad plans, it is advisable to prepare in advance for your consultation with your advisor. This may entail researching programs ahead of time, drawing up a tentative list of courses, thinking about where and why you wish to study abroad, or even writing a draft of the essay. The more material you provide, the more fruitful your talks will be.
  3. Never send a recommendation form to a faculty member whom you have not already asked to write on your behalf. Faculty members who have not agreed in advance to write a recommendation for you are under no obligation to do so.
  4. Your major adviser, faculty recommendation and language recommendation (if required) must be from at least two different faculty members, ie. you cannot have the same faculty submit all of your recommendations!
  5. Students with double majors must request a Recommendation of the Major Adviser form from both advisers.

Please note: applying for Office of International Programs precludes applications for Exchange, Washington Semester programs or other academic leaves of absence during the same period.